Booking Process

How to book a city tour, sightseeing, side-trip or tour package anytime in just few simple steps according to your demands

1) Once you’re on the homepage, scroll down the page to select the city or town in Brasil you want to book the tour, OR click on the button called “CITIES” on the upper menu.

2) Choose a private or a shared group tour, sightseeing, side-trip or tour package you want to hire to take part in.

3) Once you’re on the page with the “description”, videos and pictures of the tour”, you must see the “PRICE FORM” to place your order according to your demands.

Filling out the “PRICE FORM” to get a quote - (Fields)

⇒ Nr of people (Inc child): Fill out this field with the number of people that will participate in the tour. Just quick reminder, the tour can be private or shared with other tourists, it will depend on the tour package you have chosen.

⇒ Guide & Vehicle availability (Count starts from the pickup moment): Fill out this field with the total number of hours that you have available to spend with the tour guide. This field is to specify the number of hours the private “TOUR GUIDE & VEHICLE” will be at your availability counting from the pickup moment starting at your hotel, airport, port or any address chosen.

• Observation for shared group tours: For shared group tours, this field should have fixed hours already filled out and blocked for charges.

⇒ Pick-up location / Final drop-off location: Fill out these fields with the exact pick-up and drop-off locations to start and finish the tour. It could be at a hotel, airport, seaport, company or any address, countryside or coast you'd like to be picked up / dropped off by our licensed tour guide & vehicle. “Pick-ups” and “drop-offs” are already included into the price.

• Observation for shared group tours: For shared group tours, this field should be filled out with specific addresses, hotels or locations that have been previously set. To know what addresses, hotels or locations that we offer pick-ups & drop-offs in shared group tours, go to the page of the description of the tour, and check just below the picture and video on the page an area called “Meeting Point”. There, you might see the locations you should meet us at the right time scheduled and shown on your voucher.

“Pick-up” and “drop-off” are already included into the price. Just fill out the “PICK-UP” and “FINAL DROP-OFF” locations fields to have the price for the tour guide & vehicle to pick you up wherever you are, take you on the tour, and return you back to your place afterwards or drop-off whatever you specify at the booking moment. No matter how far you are, we can go for you and drop you off at any place at the end of the tour.

⇒ Pick-up date/time: Fill out this field with the exact time you want to be picked up by our tour guide & vehicle. If you arrive at the airport or port, enter your flight or ship arrival time even though it’s not the time you are going to be ready to start the tour. The “tour count” starts at the moment the guide meets you whenever you show up. So the waiting time at the airport or port will not be considered.

• Observation for shared group tours For shared group tours, this field should have a fixed pick-up date & time already filled out and blocked for charges.

⇒ Tour language: Select the language you want the tour guide to speak in the tour, or language you are most comfortable with.

⇒ Tour price formation: After all the fields are properly fed in the “PRICE FORM”, the system will automatically show you the total price considering and based on all information you have just inserted. To form the price the system takes into consideration the number of people, the number of hours the tour guide & vehicle are going to be at your availability and the pick-up and drop-off locations.

⇒ “BOOK NOW”: If you agree on the price, click on “BOOK NOW” so that you proceed with the booking. Then, the system will ask whether you have read the “IMPORTANT INFO”, “PICK-UP / DROP-OFF”, “MEETING POING” and “FAQ’s” sections that are just above the textual description of the tour and just below the pictures and video.

Next page: Login or sign-up

⇒ This page is for login or sign-up. In case you still don’t have an account with us, just click on sign-up to fill out a very brief form that will facilitate to make other future bookings with us. You can also log in with “FACEBOOK” or “GOOGLE if you wish.

Next page: Tourist details

⇒ After login, land on the page with a form requesting more information for us to perform the tour. Information such as your name, e-mail address to receive the voucher, contact, flight or ship info or any data you think relevant to share with us to carry out the tour.

Tourist profile area

⇒ These fields are optional to be filled out, but important in order to personalize your tour and select the best guide according to your profile..


⇒ Then get to “CONFIRMATION PAGE”, where you just need to check all the information you have entered until now. If everything is correct, just press the “CONTINUE BUTTON” to proceed to the next page for the final step that is the payment..

Payment for the order

⇒ On this page, check the price of the service you’re going to hire, and proceed to make the payment inserting the credit card details. Confirm the payment by clicking on the “CONFIRM PAYMENT BUTTON”, and now start counting down the hours! The charge is made in Brazilian currency..

More importatant information.

⇒At the end of the booking process you will Immediately receive an e-mail voucher containing the confirmation and pickup instructions.

⇒Tour guide details will be sent 1 day before the booking. Nevertheless, the tour is already scheduled.

⇒Transport by fully-equipped vehicles.

⇒Operates in all weather conditions, please dress appropriately.

⇒This tour offers stops en route for photographs and a little shopping for souvenir.

⇒You can present either a paper or an electronic voucher for this activity.